Hello there, I’m Ben MacDonald, dedicated casino blogger and online slots fan. I’ve been interested in casino gaming, and slots in particular, for over a decade. Considering I have a penchant for writing, I’ve decided to put up Slots Online. This is a site with no specific structure, I basically just like to write about anything related to online slots. The idea is to share my tips and ideas with the online gambling community, and that hopefully some people will find the information on this page useful.

The online slots world is huge – there really are thousands upon thousands of slot machines on the market today. The computer era has opened up new doors to game developers. Whereas with┬áthe old, land based one-armed-bandits, the software companies were limited in what they could do in terms of game development, they are now only limited by their own imagination.

I write about everything from online slots tips to free spins strategies, slots reviews and news stories, so if you’re a slots fan, make sure to visit the page on a regular basis to get your daily fix of slots stories!