thunderkick-logoAnyone who has a love for slots will be quick to tell you that as of late the game genre has entered somewhat of a slump. Even the best casino online names are struggling to deliver slots with extra pizzazz as they were once able to do so effortlessly in the past. However, as it often proves, slots gaming can often prove to be cyclical, with a new game on the horizon that it is set to give the genre a new lease of life. Ensuring that when it comes to slots play they don’t miss a single beat, Thunderkick have turned to the dark side for a game that is to be released on National Star Wars Day. Titled Rift, the development of this brand new game has been kept practically under lock and key, with very few details known about it up until this point. However, as a fully-fledged preview has hits newswires, its clear that Rift is giving slots lovers around the world plenty to get excited about. Make sure to look for good no deposit bonus promotions for this game in the coming weeks. You can use casino the casino portal, which is a site that keeps UK players up to date with the latest promotions in the casino world.

You may be wondering what makes Rift slots different from the whole raft of new games that have debuted at the best casino online websites recently. The difference between this game and the others floating around right now is Rift slots really does unleash a brand new level of creativity. Taking players through a universe ‘rift’, if the name wasn’t already a giveaway, this game is all about exploring the deep beyond. Delving into the deep, dark depths of space, this game really puts players into the heart of a true space adventure. Battling against various Lovecraftian creatures, flying through the universes, and taking in the amazing views along the way.

This new Thunderkick game is certainly creating buzz and rightfully so judging by what has been seen already. Here is the game’s official description for you to peruse over, which certainly tells quite the story:

“Drawing inspiration from all things horror and fantasy, Rift represents a fine work of fiction and one hell of a story. Stretching beyond the comprehension of man and encompassing a word beyond our own, Rift will plunge players into a world of reel-based darkness”

If there was every a slot game introduction or preview that had the power to light a fire under players it is this. Dark, mythical, and altogether fantastic, it is easy to see why Rift has caught the attention of the masses.

thunderkick-riftThunderkick has slowly been building up a reputation within the world of online casino play, having done thing by thinking outside of the box wherever possible. Theme wise it is clear that Rift airs on the side of alternative, but its features are plentiful and arguably all classic. Re-spins, free spins, wilds, bonus games, scatters, and sticky wilds all work to make Rift a dynamic and exciting slots affair. Theme aside, it is evident that Rift is a game that is backed by enough features to ensure endless hours of entertainment.

The release of Rift provides more just another place for a player to use a casino online bonus; it represents an all around step up for Rift as a developer. Looking to reach new heights, this release has true blockbuster potential, so if you want to experience the very best slots action that Thunderkick has to offer, keep an eye out for Rift next time you visit your online casino!